Wedding prices 2024


$1400 + GST

Full Day

$3000 + GST


$2400 + GST


$600 + GST

Couple Session

A great way for couples to cherish their special moments is through a brief two-hour photo session. This mini photo walk guarantees lively shots with your active participation, resulting in over 80 processed pictures capturing the essence of your relationship.

Price: $600 + GST


Everything you need to know when working with me

If none of the offered service packages suits your needs, I’d be delighted to discuss and adjust the photography conditions and costs to ensure satisfaction for both parties. I am always open to dialogue—feel free to reach out through writing or calling.

The photo session becomes significantly enhanced with proper preparation. Hence, I consistently conduct a personal consultation for my clients. During this session, we not only choose locations and define the photography style but also create a detailed plan for the wedding day.

Each service package specifies the total working time of the photographer. This duration encompasses not only active shooting hours but also includes time for movement between locations, pauses between events, and more.

The services outlined in the packages assume that the photography will occur on the same day and within the specified time frame. If, for instance, the ceremony and the wedding reception are scheduled on separate days, separate arrangements for photography during the ceremony can be made at a special cost.

The commencement of the shooting is marked by the photographer’s arrival at the predetermined location at the agreed-upon time. If the client is tardy for the photo session, the photographer cannot guarantee the full number of photos included in the selected package of photography services.

The client will receive the designated number of photos as specified in the selected service package, under the condition that the photo shoot commences on schedule. By engaging in photo services, the client acknowledges and accepts my taste, shooting style, and photo processing, having previously examined my portfolio. The photographer is responsible for selecting photos for processing. Unprocessed frames (raws) can be obtained from the photographer for an additional fee.

It is understood that the photographer retains the right to publicly display the photographs for promotional purposes. However, if the client wishes to secure exclusive rights for personal use only, an extra fee of $500 will be added to the total cost of the chosen service package.

The processed wedding photos will be available within a maximum of 14 calendar days and will be uploaded to a file exchange platform for easy access.

To initiate collaboration, I engage with each client on an individual basis. We delve into the shooting plan and select locations for the session. To secure a date, a 20% deposit of the service package cost is required, with the remaining 80% due on the day of the shoot.

Special offers for my couples

If you need a little more...)

Engagement photoshoot

Ready to try out a new hairstyle and makeup? Then a photo session is perfect for you! Throughout stroll, we'll capture wonderful images and help you conquer any camera apprehension.

wedding trip

A unique service tailored for those seeking exceptional pictures during their honeymoon. We specialize in organizing and conducting wedding ceremonies, photo sessions, and weddings across Canada and in the most popular tourist destinations.

Two photographers

If you're envisioning a large-scale wedding with the necessity for a photographer to be present in two locations simultaneously, the service of two photographers is precisely what you're looking for!